Installation And Maintenance

Installation And Maintenance

1. Installation

(1) It is required to put the screw holes in the plane of frame installing fundamental basement uniform with the installation bolt holes of the Slewing Bearing.

(2) It is required that the temper stripe of tooth ring (external marking with letter’s’ shall be placed in the non-loading area or non-always loading area. The blockage point between the internal and external ring shall be at 180 to each other. The raceway’s temper stripe of crane or excavator should be placed in angle of 90 with working load (Max) direction.

(3) Suspend and place down horizontally the Slewing Bearing on the plane of frame installing fundamental basement. Use the plug gauge to check their contact condition. Fill in partially with placer if there is clearance.

(4) Before tightening bolts according to peak point (Green paint markers) of radial movement to adjust interstices of gears. After tightening bolts, check side interstices of gears around the whole circumference to avoid unparallel contact and uneven force between big and small gears.

(5)Use high strength bolt when install Slewing Bearing. The strength class could be selected according to practical working condition and actual loads of the Slewing Bearing would be born. Bolts should be tightened horizontally and symmetrically and finally check them once again. Make sure that all the bolts in the circle have the same Pre-force. The installing bolt spacer should be flat spacer. It should not be used of any spring washers. Tighten the bolt step by step according to the following chart.